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Comfort in Sound

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I just listened to a beautiful piece of music. I’d heard it before—plenty of times, in fact—but I’d never really listened to it. My present situation no doubt has a lot to do with my new-found appreciation for this song, so allow me briefly to set the scene.

I’m currently sitting on a train which is snaking its way lazily across the England’s East Midlands to the historic city of Lincoln. In Lincoln is a house; one which I used to call my home. In this city and in this house I enjoyed one of the three and a half beautiful years that my now ex-girlfriend and I shared as a couple, and to this day a lot of my possessions—as well as a lot of my memories—are housed there. Today is the day on which I clear out said possessions into the basement of a good friend who has kindly offered up the space until I can shift it all back to Liverpool.

The song in question began to play in my earphones as I pondered the no-doubt unpleasant task ahead. I was wondering exactly how I was going to react, faced with the space that we designed and furnished together, and which is now no more my home than is my friend’s basement. The lyrics couldn’t have been more apt, and they moved me more than any piece of music I had listened to before. They have given me the encouragement I needed to face my past without reliving or trying to recapture it. Should anyone reading this find themselves in a similar situation now or in the near future, I hope that they can bring you the same comfort. I’ve included the most poignant verse, along with the beautiful chorus, below.

Hold up,
Hold on,
Don’t be scared,
You’ll never change what’s been and gone.
May your smile,
Shine on,
Don’t be scared,
Your destiny may keep you warm.

‘Cause all of the stars,
Have faded away,
Just try not to worry,
You’ll see them someday.
Take what you need,
And be on your way and
Stop crying your heart out

Oasis — Stop Crying Your Heart Out


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