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Olympus have finally returned my E-510 DSLR after 5 months of waiting for spare parts to be shipped from Japan. I’m overjoyed to have it back; having missed so many good photo opportunities since January I’ve begun taking pictures again in earnest. These are two I took today.

The first is a collapsible two-piece meditation stool, constructed in MDF by my friend Matt at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre. He wanted to see his creation after I had attacked it with a can of antique gold enamel spray paint. I was pleased with the result, myself.

The second photograph is of my Mk. III British Army sighting compass, manufactured in 1941 by TG. Co. Ltd. of London. Unfortunately, it appears to have been demagnetised. If anyone has any idea how I might go about restoring it to working order I would be very excited to hear from you, it being an antique and a gift.

The third is a self-portrait, of sorts, taken under a weeping willow tree in my local park where I had been meditating this afternoon.

All (c) Dave Doyle, 2010

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